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Tampa Fishing Charters - Captain Stewart Ames

Tampa Fishing
Tampa, FL

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The Tampa, Tampa Bay, St Petersburg, and Clearwater areas offer a broad array of tampa fishing opportunities. Your Tampa fishing charter might begin fishing along our beautiful, world class beaches for game fish like Snook, whose drag screaming runs and jumps will immediately ignite your fishing charter. If redfish are your primary target, you can pursue these tough battlers out on the Tampa Bay fishing flats, or in tight against the mangroves or other shoreline structure. Speckled sea trout represent our most readily available game fish in Tampa, FL. Trout can be caught most times of the year and, in certain seasons, in great abundance. Cobia, Tarpon and a variety of sharks are occasionally encountered when Tampa fishing. These large fish can add an exclamation point to an already great fishing charter. All of these species can be caught in Tampa using artificial lures or live bait.

Fishing is a great sport that can be enjoyed by everyone from kids to adults. It is not limited to season or location, and provides a healthy diversion from your regular routine. Taking time to go fishing is a great way to relax and create memories that will last a lifetime!Gone Fishing Charters, Tampa, FL

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Tight lines.
Captain Stewart Ames

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Captain Stewart Ames

As a friend of mine once said, I feel sorry for anyone who hasn't discovered their passion in life. We all have one inside of us. It's that activity that brings you immense satisfaction. stewart-amesAt seven years of age, I was introduced to fishing and knew it would be a part of my life from there forward. Although I fished whenever the opportunity arose, it would be a long time before I would actually become a guide. I went to high school, then college. Next, I held a variety of sales positions that took me to every state in the US.  Then, in late 2005, it was time....time to walk away to spend my working hours doing something that I had always really wanted to I pulled the plug to pursue my dream...become a fishing guide in the great state of Florida....arguably one of the best states to fish in the entire United States. 

My intent was to offer the kind of service I would expect from a top quality guide. Each trip would put safety first. I would run a best in class boat and only use new, high quality tackle while, at the same time, providing a relaxing and friendly environment for my clients...and I would let my passion and intensity for catching fish show each and every time I was on the water. My commitment is to provide all of my customers with this type of experience.

"I would let my passion and intensity for catching fish show each and every time I was on the water"

Tampa Snook Fishing

Snook, an elusive and prized gamefish!

Snook clearly represent the class of the inshore game fish. Their speed, strong runs and occasionalsnook-fishing-charter jumps make them the fish of choice for many Florida anglers. Snook are available year round; however the cooler, winter water temperatures slow their metabolisms significantly and make them a difficult target during our coldest months. A wide range of artificial and natural baits can be used to catch snook. The most commonly used method is live baiting with scaled sardines or “whitebait”. However, be sure to review all current fishing regulations before keeping any Snook as this species is heavily protected. Spring and fall fishing typically takes place along inshore structure…river mouths, mangrove shorelines and residential docks. Come late spring, fish move out to the beaches, gather in larger groups and can be caught in greater numbers. During the hottest months of summer, fish tends to feed best during low light periods and at night.


Redfish Fishing

Redfish are strong and unrelenting when hooked.

Redfish are an extremely popular target for West Coast Florida inshore fisherman. They are abundant, generally aggressive feeders and, once located, can be caught in significant numbers. Tampa Redfish FishingAlthough lacking the speed and jumping ability of the snook, they are most appreciated for their powerful, fighting style. When fishing the flats with artificial baits such as plastic baits or spoons, a redfish provides a jarring strike. Using bait, the take is typically a light tap followed by a driving run. Larger schools of fish can also be located on shallow grass flats. Getting properly positioned in front of a large school of “reds” can quickly put a bend in every rod on the boat. Redfish provide good summer action, even during the hottest months. Although fishing is slower during the winter, groups of fish can be located in the warmer backwater locations. Once located, these schools can provide “rapid fire” action.