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Split Cost Fishing Charters- November

If you have an interest in splitting a fishing charter with another angler or two, simply respond to this email.  Normal costs for 4, 6 and 8 hour trips are $450, $550, and $650. Split charters work as follows.  There can be up to 2 anglers on each side of the split.  Cost is half of the normal cost plus $25 for arranging the split.  If you would like to bring an additional angler with you, the charge is an additional $50.  So, for example, for a 6 hour split charter, the cost would be $550 / 2 = $275 plus $25 for the split, or a total of $300.  If an additional angler joins you, the cost would be $350. If you would like me to arrange a split charter for you, simply indicate the dates that you are available, as well as the number of hours that you would like to fish. Thanks.

Rods for Sale

I have two rod and reel combos for sale.  The reels are Shimano Spheros 6000's spooled with 20 lbs braided line.  The rods are medium/ heavy Daiwa Coastal 7 foot rods.  I use these rigs for snook, when I'm throwing big baits such as grunts, but also use them outside for kingfish, barracuda or anything a little larger that swims up on us.  These outfits are probably 3 - 4 years old but are in good working order and have line that was put on this year.  Price is $100 each. Let me know if you have an interest by responding to this email.  Thanks

September 2015 Split Charters

If any of you are interested in splitting a charter with another angler (or two) in the next month, please respond to this email.  The cost of a split charter for 4, 6 and 8 hour trips is $250, $300 and $350 respectively,  You can bring an additional person with you for $25. Please specify the dates that you would be available to fish as well as the length of trip that you are interested in.  I will then try and get you paired up with another angler. 

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