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October 2103 Split Cost Charter Email

Barracuda on Tampa Fishing CharterIf you are interested in splitting the cost of a fishing charter in the coming month, please respond to this email.  It usually takes a week or two to get people paired up so try and give me that much notice, if possible. Also remeber to indicate both the dates that you are available as well as the length of trip that you are interested in.  Costs on the split charters are half of a full price charter plus $25. Thanks

Seminar - October 2013 Near Shore Grouper Fishing

Tampa Fishing for Near Shore GrouperThis Thursday Evening, the 3rd or October, at 6 PM at The West Marine Store in Clearwater, Florida, I will be giving a seminar on near shore grouper fishing.  Usually thought of as a species pursued by "offshore" anglers, near shore fisherman have a great opportuity to limit out on Gag Grouper during the fall...typically from mid to late October until some time in December.  Hopefully, the season will remain open through this time period. Topics discussed will be tackle and baits used, as well as presentation techniques...some commonly used...some less commonly used. West Marine will provide pizza, drinks and a few store give aways. I look forward to seeing you there.


Seminar September 2013 - Redfishing

Tampa Fishing for RedfishThis Thursday evening, the 5th of September, @ 6PM at The Clearwater West Marine Store, I will be giviing a seminar on redfishing.  Usually, as waters begin to cool down this time of year, redfishing heats least until the real cold arrives. I'll discuss techniques used to catch these fish as well as the types of areas to target. As always, free pizza, drinks and some store give aways will be offered by West Marine. I look forward to seeing you there.
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