So what's a Tampa Fishing Guide do for vacation? Go fishing!  Over the last month, different fishing skills were honed. With the exception of 3 - 4 local charters, not a live bait was cast. First stop, fly fishing in Colorado. Casting dries, nymphs and streamers to large rainbows and cut bows on a blue ribbon trout river. A friend and fellow guide was there to give much needed instruction. Beautiful scenery, cool fall air and big fish...a great few days.

Tampa Fishing Guide Trout Vacation

Next stop, the Brazilian Amazon in search of peacock bass and other amazonian inhabitants.  450 miles northwest of Manaus, Brazil flows the Uneixi River.  Labeled as a big fish river, hopes were high upon arrival. Fishing for peacocks can be a bit of an endurance match.  How many times can an angler pitch a big plug in a day to find an elusive 20 lbs giant?  A smaller peacock, called the butterfly, was fairly abundant.  The big boys, not so much.  Of eight anglers in the group, two 20 pounders were on the first day, one on the last.  Nevertheless, the beauty, vastness and remoteness of this environment is mind boggling....and it's kind of nice not to know what's going on in the world for a week. Never will one see so many trees and so few people.  Most of the waterways are very species diverse as well. Species pictured below include the Black Piranha, Arowana, Trieda (a type of wolf fish) and a peacock bass know as Paca.  Generally, the biggest peacocks are the 3 barred version called, Pavon, Azul or Tucanare. The strike of these large cichlids is unmatched for a fish of this, violent, powerful. A true bucket list experience that all die hard fishermen should experience.  

Tampa Fishing Captain Amazon Adventure

Locally, redfishing has remained strong, with quality fish being caught on most Tampa Fishing Charters. A few schools of roving larger fish are around and locating these can quickly make for a good day.  Bait type appears to be less important that simply locating these fish, as fish in these big groups are generally competitive and hungry.  Snook fishing is also a viable option.  Most fish caught now are smaller in size but on a recent Tampa Fishing Trip, over twenty snook we're landed.  Most were in the 20 - 28 inch class, but a 36 incher managed to get it's picture taken as well. For rod bending opportunites, fishing white bait in the passes recently has yielded blues, mackerel; and, interestingly, some legal mangrove snapper.  With the abundance of beach bait, it's a great program as bait is easy and, with aggressive chumming, most anglers will find it relatively easy to catch these "pass fish" on a moving tide.

For local entertainment, there may be play-off baseball.  Should the Rays win their wild card game, a visit to Tropicana Feild would be a great way to spend an evening. Looking for a great day with the family, check out Lowry Park Zoo...a kid favorite.  Good luck and good fishing.



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