August and September represent two of the slower fishing months in West Central Florida. That doesn't mean that Tampa Fishing Guides aren't finding ways to catch fish however.  The best thing about fishing in Florida is the diversity of species.  What this ultimately means is that there is always something to catch. Some Tampa Fishing Captains take a bit of a busman's for enjoyment as well as for species not normally targeted and, in some cases, fishing in places not normally fished.  A few trips offshore during summer's heat yielded some near shore grouper, mackerel, snapper and a stray Goliath grouper. One trip out deep produced some real quality red grouper.  A side trip to Orlando to Osceola Outfitters made for a great mini vacation.  Australian barramundi were caught in great numbers, but there are also largemouth and peacock bass fishing opportunities there as well.  This is a must do side trip for anyone who simply likes to catch fish. Bring a fly rod for extra entertainment. A trip up north can also be a welcome relief from the heat.  The northern largemouths are smaller, but still a blast to catch.

Goliath Grouper Barramundi Largemouth Cleartwater

With October here, fall fishing will ignite so it's time to take full advantage.  Surprisingly, with water temperatures still at 80 degrees, kingfish have made their first appearances of the season, with fish being caught on 3 of the last 4 trips. Mackerel are exceptionally large right now, averaging 3 - 6 pounds, and there are freight train bonita passing thru in big numbers as well.  As Tampa Fishing Charters were targeting the mackerel and bonita, all of the kingfish caught in the last week were landed on 10 lbs test....more fun than anyone should be allowed to have. A few large cuda's have also shown up. As long as favorable weather conditions persist, this fishing will hold up....hopefully well into December.

Kingfish Mackerel and Big Bonita off Clearwater Tampa

And it gets better.  Although many anglers are frustrated about the continued closure of our inshore fisheries (snook, redfish and seatrout), the fishing is better as a result.  There is an abundance of small to medium snook and, when properly armed with enough white bait, it's a safe bet these will be caught. Redfish are abundant as well and, although many of these fish top out at 24-25 inches, there are some bruisers to be found. As far as the upcoming seatrout season, many Tampa Fishing Guides are of the mind that catching 30-50 large seatrout may be the rule, not the exception. To summarize, on the last two trips, over 10 different species of fish were caught. It's a great time of year!

Fall Snook and Redfish in Pinellas coounty

The weather is getting more comfortable by the day.  Looking for an excuse to get outside?  Go visit the Wall Springs State Park.  The walking/bike trails have been greatly expanded due to the acquisition of new land.  It's a relaxing way to spend a day.  Good luck and good fishing.


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